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Pre-booking to London's biggest rage room is open now! We are launching in June 2023. To secure your visit before it sells out book now.


Most frequent questions and answers

A rage room, also called smash room is an entertainment venue where participants can smash and break things such as glasses, plates, electronics in a controlled and safe manner. The experience is exhilarating and also therapeutic.

On arrival you will check in with the team. You will receive a safety briefing and introduction. The team will get you fitted in your safety gear and then lead you to your dedicated rage room. Here you can set the music sound track to smash to, choose your weapon of destruction and have at it at the smashables. Your booking will be 30mins or 45 minutes of smash time.

The location we are setting up is in London, N1 bordering the Shoreditch area. We are a 2 minutes’ walk from Old Street station. The exact location will be sent to customers. Location may change prior to the launch but it will be in the same vicinity.  

We try and include some bigger items such as TVs, laptops and computers but they cannot always be guaranteed.

If you provide more than 24 hours’ notice prior to your booking we can cancel and refund your order or reschedule your booking to a later date.

We currently operate with an 18 and older policy due to the nature of the business.

The products that are smashed will be recycled by our trusted recycling partners.

We provide you with all the safety gear you require to minimise the potential for injuries during the activity.

Yes! If you have any old electronics that may not even be working you can drop off or post them to our venue and we will dispose of it safely and responsibly. Please enquire through the contact form for more information.

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